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Among the beautiful Wee One collections, you will find indoor climbing frames, rockers and accessories designed to help children develop gross motor skills, encourage balance and movement. Alternatively, you can shop for an array of wooden toys, bikes, rattles and teethers and a range of accessories and nursery and playroom decor!





Welcome to Wee One!

Where you will find beautiful early years toys, accessories, nursery and playroom décor for your precious Wee One. As parents, we know how difficult it can be finding children’s toys that last. You want your gift to be something that’s reached for again and again, and will be loved, potentially for generations to come. You will find toys and accessories here that can ignite the imagination and encourage development.

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Stimulating the imagination

Our primary aim at Wee One is to make quality early years toys and accessories accessible to all. Here you will find that quality toys aren’t necessarily as expensive as you think, and what’s more, their craftsmanship and attention to detail will stand the test of time, making them better for the environment too!

Toys and accessories which are aesthetically pleasing or made from natural materials feel good to interact with, are tactile and - we find - hold a little bit of magic. Here at Wee One we work hard to find products we think you will love. Some of our favourite toys have been designed to leave aspects of the toy to the imagination, enabling children to create their own stories rather being led solely by TV shows.



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Made from sustainable materials as much as possible, fully safety checked, and designed to stimulate a child’s development emotionally and in their motor skills.

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Baghera Balance Bike
Baghera Racing Car
Friendly Rattles
Friendly Crocodile
Friendly Rainbow
Collapsible Snacking Cups
Activity Play Cube Explorer In Rainbow Colours
Climbing Ramp And Slide For Activity Play Cube
Children's kitchen compact
Multicoloured garden tool set
Beam scale
Fire station with accessories
Ice cream truck
Pizza oven children's kitchen
Stacking cube ABC
Baghera Speedster Fireman
Wooden Dollhouse, modular construction, minimalist design
Colourful magnetic numbers
Cutting Cupcakes
Bedroom mobile - Farm or Aviation
Wooden tractor and trailer. Comes with farmer and cow.
With this hammering game, various farm motifs can be hammered onto a cork board.
Listening Memory Boxes
Learning board with date, clock and seasons
Wooden rainbow building and stacking blocks
Wooden pull along snail
The Very Hungry Balance Board
Interactive Wooden Underwater Story Book
Wooden Farm. FSC® 100% certified wood
Wooden World Map Puzzle






Why buy from Wee One?

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Many of our toys are handmade and has a quality, weighty feel to it that give value and meaning to the toy for the child.

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Sustainable wood 

All of our wooden early years toys are crafted from sustainable wood. Other items, like our blankets are made in the most sustainable ways possible.

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Safety checked

All toys are manufactured to high levels of safety regulations, in excellent working conditions.

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Improves child development

Wee One toys are specially selected to improve sensory perception, communication skills, fine motor skills or creativity.


Shop for your Wee One, and find early years toys they’ll love.







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What can you find at Wee One?

If you are looking for early years toys, accessories or beautiful children’s home décor, you’ve come to the right place.

Have a browse through the Wee One store, and find clothes, accessories, décor and toys, suitable as a gift for any young child.

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