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Toys to be cherished and treasured

Hi! I’m Gemma and I’m the founder of Wee One. Over the years, when I’ve been tasked with finding a gift for the littles in my life, I’ve always endeavoured to find something that looks beautiful, is great quality, useful, and most of all, is wanted and loved. I also firmly believe that shouldn’t always mean spending a great deal of money to achieve those objectives.

Since having my own children, I’ve really started to understand how special the right gift can be, and how gifts for 0-5 year olds in particular can have such an impact on their growth. So when my husband and I would have those ‘what would you do if you started a business’ conversations, I knew it had to be something aimed at nurturing those early years of growth and development.

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Curating gifts for 0-5 year olds that will be loved for years to come

I wanted the toys to be great quality, made to last, and to be accessible to everybody. I also wanted to make sure that every item on our shelves is something I would love to own myself, would want to see in my home, and know my children would love. You don’t need a room full of toys to keep a child engaged, just a few well chosen ones to spark the imagination.

Shopping for your Wee One should be fun and inspiring, not a chore. It should be as exciting as shopping for yourself. Giving a child a gift and then seeing how that gift brings so much joy is a feeling like no other. What’s even better is knowing your gift will help them develop and hone skills, both mental and physical, all whilst having fun.

Among the beautiful Wee One children’s toys, you will find indoor climbing frames, rockers and accessories, inspired by the likes of Emmi Pikler and Maria Montessori and designed to help children develop their gross motor skills, encouraging balance and movement. Better still they are perfect for those rainy days inside and allow for more rigorous indoor activities. Alternatively, you can shop for an array of wooden toys, bikes, rattles and teethers and a range of accessories and nursery and playroom décor!



Helping your child’s development


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Each toy leaves something to the imagination, giving a child scope to invent a story or role-play around the toy, and develop their narrative skills.

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Sensory perception

Our gifts for 0-5 year olds have been selected for their quality feel, which gives a child more sensory interest.


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Fine motor skills

Each toy will help in some way with fine motor skills, by encouraging movement and interaction.

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Many of the toys at Wee One are intended to stimulate interactivity, communication or role-play, in-turn improving on each of those skills.


All our early years toys are made from sustainable materials as much as possible, fully safety checked, and designed to stimulate a child’s development emotionally and in their motor skills.

You can find a wide range of beautiful gifts for 0-5 year olds, accessories, clothing, and décor here at Wee One.



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