You can find a wide range of beautifully made children’s toys, suitable for ages 0-5, and with scope to be used well after then. Each toy is well made, and built to last, potentially for generations to come.

Baghera Balance Bike
Baghera Racing Car
Friendly Rattles
Friendly Crocodile
Friendly Rainbow
Activity Play Cube Explorer In Rainbow Colours
Climbing Ramp And Slide For Activity Play Cube
Children's kitchen compact
Multicoloured garden tool set
Beam scale
Fire station with accessories
Ice cream truck
Pizza oven children's kitchen
Stacking cube ABC
Baghera Speedster Fireman
Wooden Dollhouse, modular construction, minimalist design
Colourful magnetic numbers
Cutting Cupcakes
Bedroom mobile - Farm or Aviation
Wooden tractor and trailer. Comes with farmer and cow.
With this hammering game, various farm motifs can be hammered onto a cork board.
Listening Memory Boxes
Learning board with date, clock and seasons
Wooden rainbow building and stacking blocks
Shopping Basket